About Us

Our Mission

To aid you in bringing your dreams to life.

To create a world everyone can join in, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Vision

Guided by our mission and inspired by our vision...

The Jeimani Company is a digital brand dedicated to turning your delightful dreams into magical memories memories with luxurious immersive 3d experiences.

Join our world as we bring people together by telling stories with unique events, shops &  experiences through digital entertainment. Here to help you create memories that last a lifetime.

Our Values


We all have special roles and goals, and take ownership to provide safe spaces, high quality content and perform to the best of our abilities.
We share our successes and learn from our failures to create many magical moments for you.


We provide truthful, accurate and honest information about any of our content and products we produce.
We honor our staff, partners and guests by doing everything in our power to ensure a great experience for everyone.


We appreciate and admire all the different backgrounds everyone has come from and open our eyes to the creative characters we choose to be.
We pride ourselves on creating joyful experiences while honoring everyone's creative way to express ourselves.


The mind is a place full of wonder that can be expressed in many different ways.
We let our staff's imagination run wild and take on the challenge to create those beautiful ideas to allow all of our guests to have a space to express their creative freedom.


We are dedicated to giving you our best work creating high quality content by putting many hours into prep work, production and putting together exciting spaces to achieve our best.
We love what we do and do what we love. And we hope to inspire you to do the same.

The Jeimani Experience

Our entire team works tirelessly to create one of a kind, immersive, digital experiences for our customers. At The Jeimani Co, we understand the stresses that everyday life can bring. And how some dreams get put on the back burner or are simply just a tad to far out of reach. We acknowledge the desire for a luxury lifestyle and how that can be achieved through simulated roleplay. Our immersive events gives you the chance to enjoy digital concerts with dances you can learn in real life. High quality, luxurious clothing to dress your characters in. Along with high quality sets and venues to stage your characters in, to truly live out your dream life in our world.

And that’s just the digital goodies.


In order to truly feel immersed, like YOU have taken part of this experience, The Jeimani Co. offers real life monthly happy mail stationery packages with unique gifts and knick-knacks to keep as physical reminders of those magical memories you created.


Click HERE to learn more about subscriptions and happy mail packaging.